The man, the myth, the locksmith

I feel I have failed to illustrate the character of the locksmith. In many of my posts, the locksmith seems to be a sort of supernatural force who comes to save the day. But the locksmith is neither a robot nor an invisible sprite. He is a real person. And you need a real person to repair your locks! A phantom will just not do.

So who is the man behind the lock-pick? 

Here at Locksmiddy, our man is Steve Smiddy. Founder, owner, manager, and joke-supplier. He's a real man doing a real job. When you call us for any kind of door or lock repair, you can rest assured that it is a real human being you will be interacting with.  

Maybe you'd like to get to know Steve a little bit before you call him. Here are a few of his notable characteristics:

  • He thinks outside the box- If you have a problem that needs a creative solution, Steve is the locksmith for you. His ideas are not confined to what other locksmiths have done. He can find creative solutions for your lock and door needs.
  • He's funny- As he fixes your door he'll have you in stitches. He loves joking around with clients while on the job. But when it comes to getting the job done and doing it well, he is very serious. 
  • He's sociable- Some workmen don't make eye contact with you or make any social pleasantries at all. They just get right to business. Steve tries to get to know you a little bit before he launches into a project. He loves making connections and meeting new people. You won't feel like you have a stranger in your home, you will feel a friend is repairing your door.
  • He's reliable- What time did Steve say he would come by to re-key your garage door? He's there. You don't have to wonder if he is going to show up or not. He will show up, every time.
  • He's fast- But he doesn't rush. Steve takes the exact amount of time needed for a job. He doesn't rush to get the job done quickly, but he also doesn't slack off. He works steadily to complete every job in a timely manner that is efficient for both you and him.
  • He's competitive- Steve is willing to fight for business. He likes what he does and is good at it. He wants to be the one to work on your locks and doors because he believes he can provide you the best quality service you deserve.

These are just a few ways to describe Steve. If you are in need of lock and door help, he is the one you want to help you. Never have care, ability, and humor met so perfectly in one locksmith.

You need a real person to repair your doors, not a phantom. If you are in need of lock or door help, give Steve a call today for a free quote. He'd be happy to help you!

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What's in a door?

Doors. We use them every single day. We open them, slam them, gently close them, pass through them, hold them open, and knock on them. Doors are the first welcome, the entrance into a new place or opportunity. They can also be the end if you are on the wrong side. Doors divide. They welcome and shut out. They contain power to shield, protect, welcome, and separate. They are your home's front guard.

Doors are important. Not only do they work a sort of magic over us, those who pass through them, they play an important role in the functionality of our homes. We must have doors to separate the inside from the outside. We need them to protect us from thieves, cold, heat, or unwelcome guests. We need the separation doors create. They divide. And we need the safety of that division.

Maybe you have older doors that aren't doing their proper job of keeping the cold out. Perhaps someone injured your door in attempt to get at the things the door was protecting. Maybe your door is in fine shape but needs updated hardware so it really shines.

We know doors. We see their value. No matter what kind of improvement your door needs, we can supply it. Whether you are in need of a brand new door or merely a face lift for one you already have, Locksmiddy has the skills and experience to help. If you are in need of any kind of door repair or installation service, give us a call today for a free quote. 

Your door is the guardian of your home. We want to give it all the tools it needs to guard you well.

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Let's hear it for small business

You've got your own business and you are proud of what you've made. There's a place for everything and everything is in its place. You do wonderful business and make great connections in the community. You're doing what you love every single day. Things are going beautifully. Business is booming!

And then your door has an issue. Maybe it's not closing right or the hinge is worn. Maybe there was a break in and you need a knob repaired. Where should you turn? 

At Locksmiddy, we love small businesses. We seek to provide quality service to small businesses like us! Our pricing won't break your bank and you can count on us to continue a relationship with you after we perform our service. Whether it's putting a whole new door or replacing a closer, we want to support you any way we can!

So, let's hear it for small business! The incredible people working day in and day out doing what they love.

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Bringing up baby

We just had a new addition to the Locksmiddy team! Owner Steve Smiddy is now the proud father to his firstborn son! This got us thinking about bringing up baby in a safe environment.

It's the most wonderful day of your life. You are a new father or mother to a perfect baby boy or girl. You couldn't be happier. You make your way home from the hospital and settle into this new life. Pure bliss.

But something nags at you, the safety of your home is on your mind. You now have something more precious that anything else you own to protect. What steps can you take to protect your new bundle of joy and home?

There's never been a better time to change your locks. If it's been on your mind, now is a great time to take action. Changing your locks is a quick and easy way to increase the security of your home. You will know where every key is to each door. A sense of safety can prevail in your home. In this time of joy and discovery, you can feel safe and secure in your home.

We care about family safety and know how important it is for you. Maybe you are a new father or mother and realizing all of the need for safety around your home. If your locks and doors are in need of repair in order to being home baby, we are there for you. Give us a call today for a free quote! Don't worry, you won't wake the baby!

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On being neighborly

Quite a few costumed kiddos came to my door last night. I was pleased to pass out candy and praise their creative costumes. Halloween night was full of fun! But I noticed something interesting. A lot of kids were being dropped off at one end of the block and then picked up at the other end after the kids trick-or-treated down the street. Then the cars drove off. Presumably to visit another high traffic street.

This got me thinking. When I was young we walked around our neighborhood all night and knocked on every door with a light on. Even when we were knocking on doors of families we didn’t know, we felt safe because we were in our neighborhood. What’s happened to the entity known as the neighborhood?

Security and safety are major concerns in this day and age. As children we were told to not talk to strangers. Perhaps you are teaching your children the same lesson. When we were young, this motto kept us safe. But we are no longer children. Should we still be careful when speaking to people we don’t know? A tepid yes, we don’t know if everyone we meet is trustworthy. But should we shut out our neighbors and not speak to people at the local grocery store? Here we have room for debate.

You live on a street with other people. Your neighbors are those who live around you. 30 years ago these people were your friends. You relied on their help for home projects or watching your house while you were on vacation. These days they seem to be those people you awkwardly say “hello” to on your way out in the morning.

Might I suggest that these people are the front line of your home security system? Instead of letting your neighbors be strangers, make them your security support team. You and your neighbors might work different hours, perhaps one of them is home while you and your spouse are at work. What if something happens at your house while you’re away? If your neighbor sees someone suspicious around your home, wouldn’t you want them to do something? By forming relationships with the people you live around, you create a network of people looking out for you. At the same time, you become someone looking out for them.

You can take action to add protection to your home today. Be a good neighbor. Make a connection with the people who live around you. Go outside while they are raking leaves and strike up a conversation. It doesn’t have to be an interesting conversation. Talk about the amount of leaves in your yard this year! Forming relationships with your neighbors strengthens your home’s safety. Not only that, but if all the neighbors in the area begin being more neighborly, your neighborhood as a whole will become a safer place.

Solid locks and doors are also a necessary part of your home security system, just as your neighbors are. You don’t want to leave your home exposed when you leave it for the day. If you are in need of updated doors, locks, or security systems, Locksmiddy is here for you. Though we don’t live next door, we believe in being neighborly. Whatever you need when it comes to home safety, we are here to support you.

The world may never return to the days of kids dressed as ghosts and vampires running around the neighborhood with their pillow cases full of candy, but I believe we can return to a time of everyday neighborhood safety.

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BEWARE! Locksmith scammers are out there

Shining gloriously above, the sun casts its rays upon you as you head toward our front door. Friday afternoon, the end of a long work week, is finally here. You’re already thinking about the macaroni and cheese you’re going to make for dinner and the warm beverage you will enjoy as you binge watch Netflix. So close! And then it hits you. Your keys aren’t with you. You’ve locked them in your car and now can’t get into your home!

Panicked, you google “lockout locksmith” and call the first name that pops up. The guy on the phone says the fee for a lockout is $38. “That’s not so bad,” you think to yourself. They dispatch someone. 20 minutes later, a car pulls up. The locksmith makes his way to your door. Out comes a drill, which he uses to drill through the lock. Then he replaces it with a new one. That’s when he informs you there will be a $200 charge on top of the $38.

A sickening feeling in your stomach. Can this be right?

No. It’s not.

In the last few years there has been a rise in locksmith scams. Non-professional businesses will lie about the fee on the phone and then dispatch someone to your home. These people don’t know how to pick a lock to get you in, which would only cost about $100 from s professional locksmith. The “locksmiths” they send drill the lock, pull it off with pliers, or break their way into your home. These techniques result in escalated prices that trick you out of your money.

Locksmiddy does not provide lockout services, but we know untrustworthy from trustworthy locksmiths. Our advice, which many others have suggested before us, is to take time now to find a lockout locksmith you trust and program their number into your phone. That way you’ll have their number in case you ever are locked out.

We hope you will keep our phone number in your phone as well for any kind of lock or door repair, installation, or re-keying job. Don’t let that sunshine-filled picture disappear. Take steps now to be prepared if you are ever locked out.

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The rolling price waves

Have you ever wondered why prices differ from store to store or service to service? This post isn’t going to explain how that happens (the writer knows little of economics), but it will look at how locksmiths fit into the rolling waves of market prices and how you can find your way onto dry ground.

Locksmiths fit into a niche market. Though their service is necessary for our day-to-day functioning, locksmith businesses make up a small portion of the market. There are 19,887 Locksmith business in the U.S. according to the IBIS World website. The annual growth of the market is .6%. That’s a pretty small market! Because locksmiths work in such a unique and focused niche, pricing can vary greatly from locksmith to locksmith. Not only might a specific company alter prices, but the market value of goods is constantly fluctuating.

This can make looking for a locksmith difficult. If you are one to compare prices, this process could be never-ending. Locksmiddy’s prices are always fair. In a fluctuating market, we adjust pricing when needed, but always maintain a fair figure for our customers.

The type of lock or door work that needs to be done also affects the price of a job. Different doors and locks need different levels of repairs. It can be difficult for a locksmith to give an estimate without seeing the work that needs to be done first. Here at Locksmiddy, we want to assess your specific needs before we give you a blind quote. However, Steve has the ability to estimate and quote without seeing the repairs if needed. The most reliable and helpful quote will be one where he’s seen the work to be done.

If you’re in need of lock or door work and are searching for the right locksmith for you or your company, give Locksmiddy a call today for a free quote. We make it easy for you to know what your job will cost. Our free quote can set you up so the project can be completed in no time!

Don’t let market fluctuation rule your search for a reliable locksmith! Call Locksmiddy for a free quote and feel like you’re on solid ground.

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SLAMMING door? No more!

Have you ever been in a classroom, office, or business with a door that SLAMS shut? The world is peaceful, quiet. And then… SLAM! Your good mood is put off by a loud door. As a visitor to a building it’s annoying, for an owner, it is torture.

Luckily, door closers exist! You’ve probably seen a thousand in your lifetime. They are the mechanical box and hinge on a door and door frame that keeps the door from SLAMMING shut. The closer catches the door as it closes and shuts it gently.

Whether you have a door closer in need of repair or are sick of that slamming door and need a new one installed, Locksmiddy is there to help. We install closers quickly and efficiently. In fact, it’s one of our favorite things to install! Not sure what type of closer to pick? We can help you find the best closer to meet your business’s needs.

If you’re sick of the SLAMMING, give us a call today and we can return your world to its peaceful, slam-free state.


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Moving into your dream home

You just moved into your dream home. It took months of paperwork and worry, but now you’re moving in. Everything seems like a dream come true. And then I hits you. The locks! You need to change the locks! Who know who may have the key to your dream home? The brother of the previous owner, a neighbor who moved away, the cat down the street! You need those locks replaced. You know you need a locksmith, right? Those are what those people are called who fiddle with locks and keys. So you pull out your smart phone and google “Locksmith Metro Detroit.” Options appear. How can you know who to call? Which of these options is right for you? Working with big business has its pros and cons. They can be efficient but do they come right away when you call? Will they remember your business a year from now when you need a door fixed? Possibly not. Then again, small business are not always reliable. Perhaps the payment process will be a hassle or they won’t get the job done right. And how can you tell? Do you click on the first locksmith you see and hope for the best? Time is of the essence! You don’t have time to do all the research!

Let me help you out here. Skip the research and the worry. Call Locksmiddy. Our team is efficient, reliable, and friendly to boot. You house will be re-keyed in no time. If you need new locks and cylinders, ones can be installed that match the aesthetic of your home. A year from now when your front door isn’t hanging quite right, you can call Locksmiddy back in to fix it for you.

For us, you are more than a customer, you are a neighbor. Owning a home is an adventure. There are days when everything is new and exciting. There are also days when improvements and work must be done. We seek to support you in every lock or door adventure. The improvements made during home ownership shouldn’t have to be stress-inducing, they should be as wonderful as the day you first moved in.

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Do you know where your keys are?

Do you know where all your keys are? Locksmiddy’s recommends patented keys that cannot be duplicated by your local locksmith or hardware store. Our solution provides the control you need to make your business secure. Locksmiddy’s patented keys remove vulnerabilities to criminal actions like lock bumping, illegal keyway impressions, and unauthorized duplication. Let us do a free walk through, assess potential vulnerabilities, and recommend a customized plan for your security.

Locksmiddy’s gives you a secure, easy-to-manage key system and doors that are simple to operate. Contact us today for a free quote. 

248-894-2327 or!

An Education in Home Security

In today’s informational age, the Internet educates criminals on how to easily break into homes. A Qwikset or Schlage lock, for example, can be easily opened by a few different techniques including a homemade bump key, picking, and drilling out the cylinder. A simple solution to remove this vulnerability from your home is to buy a bump, pick, and drill resistant high security cylinder from Locksmiddy’s. High security cylinders come with high security keys that prevent key duplication giving you key control.