Moving into your dream home

You just moved into your dream home. It took months of paperwork and worry, but now you’re moving in. Everything seems like a dream come true. And then I hits you. The locks! You need to change the locks! Who know who may have the key to your dream home? The brother of the previous owner, a neighbor who moved away, the cat down the street! You need those locks replaced. You know you need a locksmith, right? Those are what those people are called who fiddle with locks and keys. So you pull out your smart phone and google “Locksmith Metro Detroit.” Options appear. How can you know who to call? Which of these options is right for you? Working with big business has its pros and cons. They can be efficient but do they come right away when you call? Will they remember your business a year from now when you need a door fixed? Possibly not. Then again, small business are not always reliable. Perhaps the payment process will be a hassle or they won’t get the job done right. And how can you tell? Do you click on the first locksmith you see and hope for the best? Time is of the essence! You don’t have time to do all the research!

Let me help you out here. Skip the research and the worry. Call Locksmiddy. Our team is efficient, reliable, and friendly to boot. You house will be re-keyed in no time. If you need new locks and cylinders, ones can be installed that match the aesthetic of your home. A year from now when your front door isn’t hanging quite right, you can call Locksmiddy back in to fix it for you.

For us, you are more than a customer, you are a neighbor. Owning a home is an adventure. There are days when everything is new and exciting. There are also days when improvements and work must be done. We seek to support you in every lock or door adventure. The improvements made during home ownership shouldn’t have to be stress-inducing, they should be as wonderful as the day you first moved in.

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