SLAMMING door? No more!

Have you ever been in a classroom, office, or business with a door that SLAMS shut? The world is peaceful, quiet. And then… SLAM! Your good mood is put off by a loud door. As a visitor to a building it’s annoying, for an owner, it is torture.

Luckily, door closers exist! You’ve probably seen a thousand in your lifetime. They are the mechanical box and hinge on a door and door frame that keeps the door from SLAMMING shut. The closer catches the door as it closes and shuts it gently.

Whether you have a door closer in need of repair or are sick of that slamming door and need a new one installed, Locksmiddy is there to help. We install closers quickly and efficiently. In fact, it’s one of our favorite things to install! Not sure what type of closer to pick? We can help you find the best closer to meet your business’s needs.

If you’re sick of the SLAMMING, give us a call today and we can return your world to its peaceful, slam-free state.


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