The rolling price waves

Have you ever wondered why prices differ from store to store or service to service? This post isn’t going to explain how that happens (the writer knows little of economics), but it will look at how locksmiths fit into the rolling waves of market prices and how you can find your way onto dry ground.

Locksmiths fit into a niche market. Though their service is necessary for our day-to-day functioning, locksmith businesses make up a small portion of the market. There are 19,887 Locksmith business in the U.S. according to the IBIS World website. The annual growth of the market is .6%. That’s a pretty small market! Because locksmiths work in such a unique and focused niche, pricing can vary greatly from locksmith to locksmith. Not only might a specific company alter prices, but the market value of goods is constantly fluctuating.

This can make looking for a locksmith difficult. If you are one to compare prices, this process could be never-ending. Locksmiddy’s prices are always fair. In a fluctuating market, we adjust pricing when needed, but always maintain a fair figure for our customers.

The type of lock or door work that needs to be done also affects the price of a job. Different doors and locks need different levels of repairs. It can be difficult for a locksmith to give an estimate without seeing the work that needs to be done first. Here at Locksmiddy, we want to assess your specific needs before we give you a blind quote. However, Steve has the ability to estimate and quote without seeing the repairs if needed. The most reliable and helpful quote will be one where he’s seen the work to be done.

If you’re in need of lock or door work and are searching for the right locksmith for you or your company, give Locksmiddy a call today for a free quote. We make it easy for you to know what your job will cost. Our free quote can set you up so the project can be completed in no time!

Don’t let market fluctuation rule your search for a reliable locksmith! Call Locksmiddy for a free quote and feel like you’re on solid ground.

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