The man, the myth, the locksmith

I feel I have failed to illustrate the character of the locksmith. In many of my posts, the locksmith seems to be a sort of supernatural force who comes to save the day. But the locksmith is neither a robot nor an invisible sprite. He is a real person. And you need a real person to repair your locks! A phantom will just not do.

So who is the man behind the lock-pick? 

Here at Locksmiddy, our man is Steve Smiddy. Founder, owner, manager, and joke-supplier. He's a real man doing a real job. When you call us for any kind of door or lock repair, you can rest assured that it is a real human being you will be interacting with.  

Maybe you'd like to get to know Steve a little bit before you call him. Here are a few of his notable characteristics:

  • He thinks outside the box- If you have a problem that needs a creative solution, Steve is the locksmith for you. His ideas are not confined to what other locksmiths have done. He can find creative solutions for your lock and door needs.
  • He's funny- As he fixes your door he'll have you in stitches. He loves joking around with clients while on the job. But when it comes to getting the job done and doing it well, he is very serious. 
  • He's sociable- Some workmen don't make eye contact with you or make any social pleasantries at all. They just get right to business. Steve tries to get to know you a little bit before he launches into a project. He loves making connections and meeting new people. You won't feel like you have a stranger in your home, you will feel a friend is repairing your door.
  • He's reliable- What time did Steve say he would come by to re-key your garage door? He's there. You don't have to wonder if he is going to show up or not. He will show up, every time.
  • He's fast- But he doesn't rush. Steve takes the exact amount of time needed for a job. He doesn't rush to get the job done quickly, but he also doesn't slack off. He works steadily to complete every job in a timely manner that is efficient for both you and him.
  • He's competitive- Steve is willing to fight for business. He likes what he does and is good at it. He wants to be the one to work on your locks and doors because he believes he can provide you the best quality service you deserve.

These are just a few ways to describe Steve. If you are in need of lock and door help, he is the one you want to help you. Never have care, ability, and humor met so perfectly in one locksmith.

You need a real person to repair your doors, not a phantom. If you are in need of lock or door help, give Steve a call today for a free quote. He'd be happy to help you!

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