On being neighborly

Quite a few costumed kiddos came to my door last night. I was pleased to pass out candy and praise their creative costumes. Halloween night was full of fun! But I noticed something interesting. A lot of kids were being dropped off at one end of the block and then picked up at the other end after the kids trick-or-treated down the street. Then the cars drove off. Presumably to visit another high traffic street.

This got me thinking. When I was young we walked around our neighborhood all night and knocked on every door with a light on. Even when we were knocking on doors of families we didn’t know, we felt safe because we were in our neighborhood. What’s happened to the entity known as the neighborhood?

Security and safety are major concerns in this day and age. As children we were told to not talk to strangers. Perhaps you are teaching your children the same lesson. When we were young, this motto kept us safe. But we are no longer children. Should we still be careful when speaking to people we don’t know? A tepid yes, we don’t know if everyone we meet is trustworthy. But should we shut out our neighbors and not speak to people at the local grocery store? Here we have room for debate.

You live on a street with other people. Your neighbors are those who live around you. 30 years ago these people were your friends. You relied on their help for home projects or watching your house while you were on vacation. These days they seem to be those people you awkwardly say “hello” to on your way out in the morning.

Might I suggest that these people are the front line of your home security system? Instead of letting your neighbors be strangers, make them your security support team. You and your neighbors might work different hours, perhaps one of them is home while you and your spouse are at work. What if something happens at your house while you’re away? If your neighbor sees someone suspicious around your home, wouldn’t you want them to do something? By forming relationships with the people you live around, you create a network of people looking out for you. At the same time, you become someone looking out for them.

You can take action to add protection to your home today. Be a good neighbor. Make a connection with the people who live around you. Go outside while they are raking leaves and strike up a conversation. It doesn’t have to be an interesting conversation. Talk about the amount of leaves in your yard this year! Forming relationships with your neighbors strengthens your home’s safety. Not only that, but if all the neighbors in the area begin being more neighborly, your neighborhood as a whole will become a safer place.

Solid locks and doors are also a necessary part of your home security system, just as your neighbors are. You don’t want to leave your home exposed when you leave it for the day. If you are in need of updated doors, locks, or security systems, Locksmiddy is here for you. Though we don’t live next door, we believe in being neighborly. Whatever you need when it comes to home safety, we are here to support you.

The world may never return to the days of kids dressed as ghosts and vampires running around the neighborhood with their pillow cases full of candy, but I believe we can return to a time of everyday neighborhood safety.

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