BEWARE! Locksmith scammers are out there

Shining gloriously above, the sun casts its rays upon you as you head toward our front door. Friday afternoon, the end of a long work week, is finally here. You’re already thinking about the macaroni and cheese you’re going to make for dinner and the warm beverage you will enjoy as you binge watch Netflix. So close! And then it hits you. Your keys aren’t with you. You’ve locked them in your car and now can’t get into your home!

Panicked, you google “lockout locksmith” and call the first name that pops up. The guy on the phone says the fee for a lockout is $38. “That’s not so bad,” you think to yourself. They dispatch someone. 20 minutes later, a car pulls up. The locksmith makes his way to your door. Out comes a drill, which he uses to drill through the lock. Then he replaces it with a new one. That’s when he informs you there will be a $200 charge on top of the $38.

A sickening feeling in your stomach. Can this be right?

No. It’s not.

In the last few years there has been a rise in locksmith scams. Non-professional businesses will lie about the fee on the phone and then dispatch someone to your home. These people don’t know how to pick a lock to get you in, which would only cost about $100 from s professional locksmith. The “locksmiths” they send drill the lock, pull it off with pliers, or break their way into your home. These techniques result in escalated prices that trick you out of your money.

Locksmiddy does not provide lockout services, but we know untrustworthy from trustworthy locksmiths. Our advice, which many others have suggested before us, is to take time now to find a lockout locksmith you trust and program their number into your phone. That way you’ll have their number in case you ever are locked out.

We hope you will keep our phone number in your phone as well for any kind of lock or door repair, installation, or re-keying job. Don’t let that sunshine-filled picture disappear. Take steps now to be prepared if you are ever locked out.

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